Jason Hope on the potential of the IoT

The internet of things is a technology which has the potential to change the manner we know today’s technology. The potential that the IoT has will make the current technology laughable. Once it is fully implemented IoT will automate almost everything we know. Even the smallest of the task we...Read more

Ara Chackerian’s Positive Influence on Healthcare, Youth Development and the Environment

Ara Chackerian is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. The company concentrates on health care startups and has experience establishing health care companies that includes PipelineRX, BMC Diagnostic, Embion/Provider Links And TMS Health Solutions. He serves as a board member for Mint Medical Care, PipelineRX and TMS Health...Read more

Boraie Development is Part of the Future

Development is a company involved in developing real estate. It also manages property and marketing. The team at Boraie is committed to building exceptional properties and offering quality services to clients. Boraie has not gotten where they are alone. They work together with strong financial institutions, contractors, and architects. They...Read more

Sawyer Howitt’s Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt has some interesting thoughts on today’s new business demographic. The demographic is showing a growing number of millennials in their 20s making bank but also making waves in the industry. He is looking specifically at ageism and how to combat the bias that only older individuals have what...Read more