Matthew Fleeger has amassed robust knowledge in the management of companies. He has held different hi-tier positions including president and CEO renowned companies. He is currently leading Gulf Coast Company to soar higher in its operations. A good example is how he has led the company to survive the recession and used the opportunity to acquire more companies in different locations.

Who is Matthew Fleeger?

He is an excellent business manager with a proven track record. He has served in different companies holding different positions after his graduation from there Southern Methodist University. He raised the ladders of leadership owing to his exceptional leadership and management skills. He saved some fund from his previous jobs and began his company, MedSolution that was responsible for collecting, treatment, and management of medical waste. The company did very well, and Stericycle admired it. After a long negotiation, Matthew Fleeger accepted to give away this company he had managed for 13 years as a CEO. He departed with $59 million from that sale.

ed him in as the CEO of this excellent company basing on his experience in management especially how he grew his former company, MedSolution.

Since the time he became the CEO of this company, he has increased its operations and opened other locations in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma among other places. He has valued the virtue of partnership with other companies, and this has improved the company’s reputation and hence the sales.

Matthew Fleeger surprised many as he made the company thrive during the oil recession period. This success has won him many reliable partners and even acquisitions. He is listed in the who is a who record for the wealth he has immersed from his operations.

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