Known far and wide as one of the top game development schools in San Francisco, Academy of Art University offers its students exposure to some of the leading names in the video game industry today. Touring the school of game design with Michael Buffington, the concept art lead instructor at the school of game design, we get a sneak peek look at some of the quality equipment that the students are working with. We also get an insider’s look at the look and feel of the department where students hoping to attend the school for video game design will likely spend most of their time.

The tour starts in the hallway, where we as the viewer are met with some beautiful artwork that is adorning the walls. This includes concept design art that were used in video game productions. Following Michael further, we’re introduced to a classroom that is filled with Wacom Cintiq brand digital drawing devices. These are what students get to use on site for concept art design. Jacqueline “Jax” Jocson is also introduced, who is one of the instructors for the school of game development. She talks about what the class is currently working on. The “e-sports” room was also introduced, including the technology coordinator who is in charge of that department of game design.

Academy of Art University offers their students an active student lifestyle. For those who are looking to live on campus grounds at the academy, there are a few locations that students can choose from. Clubs and meetups exist for students to connect to each other at the school. The school is based in San Francisco, which is one of the creative capitals of the world. The school has called San Francisco bay home since 1929, when it was founded and opened its doors for the first time to new art students seeking quality education for their careers.

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