Boraie Development is one of the most reputable real estate firms in the local community. The firm participates in three major functions that allow it to design properties, build them, manage them and market them to the public. During the past few decades, Boraie Development has revitalized a number of communities with its visionary approach to real estate development. The firm has developed many luxurious modern apartment complexes that provide residents with plenty of amenities and features. Along with building quality apartment complexes, Boraie Development has also partnered up with many companies, the local government and former athletes in order to complete its latest projects.

The Aspire is one of the firm’s most recent developments. It is a luxury apartment complex that offers residents with an ideal living environment. This apartment complex offers many features that give residents plenty of beneficial things to take advantage of. The Aspire offers custom flooring that includes hardwood and carpeting. It also offers a highly energy efficient climate control system and a laundry facility in each apartment unit. This luxury apartment complex also get the choice of three housing options to accommodate the preferences of its residents.

Along with amenities in the apartment units themselves, The Aspire also includes many other amenities on the property. It offers a fitness center for residents to stay healthy and get regular exercise. There is also a doorman service and property management to oversee the property on a daily basis. The Aspire is close to a number of local attractions as well. Residents of The Aspire are within walking distance of local bars, cafes, restaurants and public transportation. Each of these amenities have helped The Aspire become one of the most desirable places to live in the city of New Brunswick.

Today, Boraie Development continues to work towards completing projects that will benefit the community. It has recently partnered up with basketball great Shaquille O’Neal. He will work with the firm to build a new luxury apartment complex. With the completion of this project, the city will have its first high rise apartment complex in 50 years. In order to get this project completed, O’Neal has worked with Boraie Development as well as financial services firms such as Goldman Sachs and both the state and local governments. With this collaboration, O’Neal will be in position to complete a project that will help revitalize the local community and contribute to its future growth.

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