Jana Messerschmidt announced on her Twitter account that she was excited to join Lightspeed Venture Partners. She has invested in over 50 early-stage firms across an array of sectors over the four years that she has co-founded Angels. Jana has worked for international companies like Netflix and Twitter. Additionally, the Angels co-founder has invested in consumer firms such as Pray, Cameo, and Prefer. She has also invested in healthcare firms and transport companies and explored her passion for music, retail, and fashion. Messerschmidt has worked with different sets of inspired founders throughout her career life.

Her Twitter followers know that Jana has referred to the period of her life as rewirement, and not retirement. Jana notes that she has used this period to think about her next step in her career life, but she wanted to get a team that would complement her values, strengths, interests, and weaknesses. That is how Messerschmidt settled for Lightspeed Ventures, describing it as the perfect partner that will help her to be an impactful and effective investor. Jana proceeded to explain to her followers the factors that were critical in deciding to join Lightspeed.

Messerschmidt notes that her friends had warned her about the isolation and loneliness that comes with transitioning from operating to investing. With that in mind, Jana considered joining Lightspeed because it encourages a team mentality and culture by making investments in investor pairs. Several investors love the model by Jana Lightspeed partners. Messerschmidt talked of her excitement about the vision of Lightspeed ventures. She further explains that she is excited to learn from experienced and respected Jana Lightspeed partners. Messerschmidt holds a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering. She co-founded her company with other women who saw potential in working together. They used their skills and experiences to help companies in their growth.


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