Rick Cofer, a criminal defense attorney, is a board member for Kind Clinic and Texas Health Action. He has a history of serving vulnerable communities like the LGBTQ groups and the hopelessness of the Austin area. With the positions at Kind Clinic and Texas Health Action, he can better the lives of the communities in the Austin area through customized services. His law firm’s website says no two cases should be done the same and is why customized services in the courtroom are required. That is why he is passionate when it comes to Austin’s LGBTQ’s community.

Rick Cofer has resolved thousands of cases during that time. His empathy and reasoning are attributed to his success. He takes the time to actually learn his clients’ cases and form a better strategic defense instead of aiming for plea bargaining. From clients on trial for felonies to minor offenses, empathy is key when choosing clients also. All of his clients are viewed by him as individuals who need protection and that mindset goes a long way.

In 2008, Rick Cofer Law was on the DNC and at the same time worked for President Barack Obama’s campaign. After working with the President’s campaign and the DNC is when he decided to focus on the Austin community. Other titles he held were the Parks and Recreation Board’s Vice-chair and Pease Park Conservancy Board’s chair. He is now a Pease Park Conservancy Board’s board member and the ECHO’s board member. He was the Zero Waste Advisory Commission’s commissioner and chair when he helped develop the Universal Recycling Ordinance after he helped to ban plastic bags in Austin.

According to gazetteday, the CEO of Texas Health Action spent his career improving healthcare for Austin. In accordance with the Kind Clinic, they have created pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP. Services include medications for people at risk for HIV, free HIV testing, hormone therapy, affirmation care, general wellness visits, STI testing and treatment, and mobile care. The care is for anyone no matter their orientation for a low or no cost basis. This is why fundraising is important. Texas Health Action, Kind Clinic, and Rick Cofer Law teamed up to create the What’s Your Fantasy? Ball. Kind showed they are accepting of any sexual preference by telling the attendees to show up in their preferred fantasy.

Texas is a work in progress when it comes to the sentiment of togetherness, tolerance, and acceptance but Austin is much more progressive than many of the cities in the United States. The What’s Your Fantasy? Ball honored the LGBTQ and allowed them a safe place to be themselves. Having the minority communities of Austin get proper care will allow Austin to continue to expand.


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