With the wealth of beauty and health products on the market today, it’s hard to find one that stands out from the crowd. Across the world, companies producing endless numbers of products to suit a worldwide need for looking and feeling our best. For some companies, this is all they are focused on, and it’s a challenging environment to say the least. For Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, however, they have found the right mix that provides maximum results, not just for their customers but also for sales representatives around the world.

Randy and Wendy own Jeunesse Global. The company is taking a serious look at health and beauty and investing heavily in providing results. What they and their team of doctors have discovered is to blend the latest knowledge from the medical community with natural remedies the body can utilize most effectively. This has resulted in a unique range of products to fit nearly every health and beauty need. From vitamins to hair products, Randy and Wendy are driven to have people to look and feel good from inside and out.

This has provided unique products for sure. An example of one product is Reserve. It is a liquid dietary supplement designed to fight damage from free-radicals. It does this naturally by combining five superfruits along with aloe vera, green tea, and grape seed extracts with antioxidant properties. The result is a heart-healthy and non-toxic aid toward inner health.

Another product is Revita Blu, a drink mix powder designed from knowledge from stem cell research and made of all-natural ingredients such as buckthorn berry, blue-green algae, and Aloe Vera. All are well known for their health benefits and combined to effectively hydrating your body while supporting body systems.

With these products comes a higher price point than your local drug store, but quality products also mean reliable incomes for their teams of representatives around the world. Representatives work on their own schedules at their own speed, allowing them to increase their incomes at times that work best for them and their families. This also allows the company to reach a much wider audience more easily, resulting in more sales. The quality of the products means reoccurring sales, making for more stable incomes and a higher quality of life. And for Randy and Wendy, that means a benefit for all.


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