Igor is a popular investment advisor in Brazil. Since his birth in 1947, he was raised in Curitiba Province in Brazil. When he was 18 years, went to Parana University where he was studying Engineering. He would later study Economics at the same university. Due to his exemplary performance in mathematics, he eventually became the best student academically in his class. He would then start his long awaiting career in 1970 where he started working in an investment bank.

He would then prove that he had the much-needed skills and knowledge in the banking industry and because of this he was promoted to join the board of directors of Multibanco in 1974. He would later be appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the same company. Multibanco would later be acquired by Bank of America and Igor Cornelsen migrated to Unibanco until 1985 when he resigned and joined Libra Bank PLC. This opened a new window for Igor Cornelsen as it presented more growth opportunities for him as an investor. He would later join the board of directors of the Standard Chartered Bank where he served for a period of seven years.

Igor Cornelsen gained the much-needed work experience from the various positions he held with various organizations. From this, he launched his own firm on 1995 which he operates to date as its investment manager. He noted that experience is of paramount importance if one wants to succeed in what he or she does. He associates his success and growth to his ability to remain focused and committed to his endeavours. Igor Cornelsen also highlighted that he learns so much from listening to the news and his knowledge in economics has greatly aided him in broadening his expertise in his areas of specialization. His ability to also interact with different people and listening to their views has also contributed a lot in making him grow.

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