Louis Chenevert is a pure businessman and is the former CEO of United Technologies. In his career, he has served for various companies as a president, director, and advisor. The individual also worked for many years, 14 to be exact, at General Motors as a production general manager. Chenevert is involved with multiple boards and committees such as the tax and fiscal policy committee and the business council. The individual was educated at the Universite de Montreal, Ecole des hautes etudes commerciales, having obtained a bachelors degree in production management. An article by Affiliatedork.com lists the importance of hiring productive and positive team members into a business or company as negative individuals can bring the energy and effort of a company down. Employees are an integral part of having a successful company the article explains as everything must be taken into account as negative attitudes can spread to the entire community. It describes the individual businessman Louis Chenevert, who has successfully lead many businesses during his career as he was the president of an aerospace company named Pratt & Whitney. He also led another big company mentioned above called United Technologies Corporation and was able to not only lead the company well but increase their revenue by a wide margin. Louis Chenevert learned a lot during his time at the two companies and that hiring the right people is imperative to the brand’s success in the long term. He explains that negative people bring down a company and being unproductive, hurts the company and that it should not be tolerated either. Leaders will have to analyze and examine how each employee functions and if they are hurting the brand or just making mistakes, which is normal for learning. Chenevert mentions that communication is an important aspect to a business too. If anybody is not working or inflicting a negative mindset on the company and other employees they need to be fired.

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