Robert Deignan is a technology expert who keeps his finger firmly on the industry’s pulse. He offers his opinion on how people can deal with the impact of automation. He also shares the fact there are far more questions at this point than answers. Those questions center around automation’s rise and the effects it may have on certain industries. In light of this, experts and AI researches are still able to offer their take on where automation leads and how it might change the economy.


People are understandably anxious about automation and how it will affect their lives. The fear is that automation has the power to wipe out thousands of jobs across various industries. While there’s a kernel of truth in this, Robert Deignan feels that people have the ability to become indispensable. People have the power to adapt and work within the new boundaries of technology rather than fight against its advancement.


The good news for people living today is that experts in the field reason it will take at least 120 years for automation to take over fifty percent of the jobs that humans perform. There are, naturally, certain tasks that a machine simply cannot accomplish. For instance, there are jobs that require interpersonal skills that teachers, therapists, nurses, doctors, and engineers possess that no machine can duplicate. Automation now fills the gap for repetitive activities.


Robert Deignan recognizes that humans will likely prefer to interact with other humans. For the most part, it is market demand that dictates functions that technology performs during any time period. The reality is that it is impossible to know where technology and automation may lead, and how it will affect the workforce. It is also possible that automation will clear the path for humans to focus on things that matter.


There is an entire economy of tasks, even for most jobs, where automation can make an impact. A solution is that people can always seek to improve their own situation by improving on old skills and learning new ones that are automation-proof.

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