40 million bottles sold and it seems like the whole world is crazy about it. Wen by Chaz Dean is a line of hair care products. Specifically, cleansing conditioners. This one product replaces all hair care products. It cleans, detangles, thoroughly moisturizes The difference between Wen products and the average hair care products is that Wen gives more thought into the bottle.

Meaning, what goes in is very important to Chaz Dean, making it very important to the customers. Chaz Dean’s Wen products have no harsh sulfates in them. However, many regular hair care products are made with those harsh sulfates and parabens. Most products are made with very hash chemicals that dry and damage your hair, in the long run weakening the hair follicles, doing more bad then good. WEN cleansing conditioner is completely different, it leaves your hair healthier and hydrated after the first use and continues to cleanse and condition like it’s supposed to.

All WEN products are made for women of any race or background. Wen will work its magic on any hair type. 8,885 5 star reviews on Amazon and many commonly talking of how soft and smooth Wen leaves their hair. A refreshing conditioner where you really feel the clean. Truly a little goes a long way with Wen hair care products. No need to use or over use. Use as much as you believe your hair needs. Wen’s most famous product come in 7 different fragrances; sweet almond mint, cucumber aloe, pomegranate, fig, tea tree and lavender. According to their Wiki page, Wen hair care product is a 5 in 1 formula, it detangles, cleanses, conditions, deep treats, without washing out all of its product and drying the hair. It coats and moisturizes each hair for a long lasting finish. Chaz Dean has created something that will definitely fill the stores with what the people really want and take the world by storm



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