Highly successful and long-established Texas area regional bank Nexbank is a trusted financial industry with an extensive network of clients. The bank was first chartered during the 1922 calendar year and is proud to have been in operation for nearly a century. Services that Nexbank provides include mortgage, commercial in institutional services in a constant effort to serve its wide range of clients. Nexbank is dedicated to serving its communities through outstanding customer service but it is also dedicated to serving its communities through philanthropy. Part of these charitable efforts is accomplished through partnering with good organizations that work in the philanthropic sector. One of the organizations the Nexbank has recently partnered with is an outfit called Dallas Neighborhood Homes. Nexbank has also recently announced its acquisition of College Savings Bank as well.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a branch of the world famous charitable outfit Habitat for Humanity. The outfit works diligently in the Dallas, Texas region to provide assistance to prospective homebuyers that come from a background of financial difficulty and therefore have trouble securing a standard mortgage. The overall goal of Dallas Neighborhood homes is to fill in the gap that currently exists in the mortgage lending industry by making mortgages possible for individuals who normally would be unable to get them. This new partnership with Nexbank is expected to be a great boost to the organization’s efforts in the Dallas region.

The Dallas region’s Senior VP for Mortgage Operations for Habitat for Humanity, Mark Tribuna, has expressed the fact that his organization is truly happy to be able to partner with a respected and dedicated organization like Nexbank. Nexbank official Matt Siekielski has mirrored this sentiment and expressed the fact that Nexbank is proud to be able to provide assistance to such a great charity.

Another way that Nexbank will now be serving the communities that it operates in will come in the way of its newest acquisition. College Savings Bank is now operating under the Nexbank umbrella and the programs that this bank offers have helped many college students in the past as they will now continue in the future under the guidance of Nexbank. This bank has a speciality in providing savings programs for college students as well as their families.

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