The Chainsmokers have spent the majority of their career performing in front of large crowds. The crowds have flocked together to be entertained by the music that the Chainsmokers have released. Now for most groups, they work hard to ensure that they stay moving to the top on the various music charts, for the Chainsmokers, this was something much easier for them. Why was it easier for them, you ask?

It was easier for the Chainsmokers to stay on top of the charts because they released hit after hit, month after month. There was a period of time that the band was working on new music but because they were still in love with the songs already produced, they were able to continue holding onto a spot while new music was in the works.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a top selling performer. For some groups and artists, it can take them nearly their entire career to reach a level of success that the Chainsmokers have already done. Their music earning the awards that it has it surprising as well. Not everyone is able to pull off electronic music, let alone win big time awards.

Alex Pall always knew that there was something that he wanted to do within the music industry. He wanted to make more than just an impression from spinning. He wanted to be able to get up in front of the crowds and play the music that he created. For him, it meant more this way. Finally after a long period of time, Alex Pall was learning what his fans wanted.

Through social media accounts such as Instagram lingering around, fans are able to get in touch with celebrities that might have otherwise not been reachable. The fans are able to tell the bands and celebrities how much their music has touched them. What it is that they relate to with the music being performed. For Alex Pall, this helped them to write the latest singles that are being released. It helped them to open up to the possibility of sharing their stories through the music they produced.

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