Southridge Capital is an equity firm that has had a tremendous positive impact in the society since its establishment in 1996. The CEO Stephen M. Hicks and the executive team are proud of themselves because they have managed to provide their clients with quality financial services. The company has invested more than $1.8 billion in upcoming companies, and many companies have benefited from the company’s superior and reliable services. These services are essential for the balance sheet, acquisitions and mergers, financial analysis, and restructuring.


Southridge Capital is working hard to ensure that its clients are provided with innovative financial solutions so as to help them meet their needs and expectations. The company has changed its structures in order to improve its products and service delivery. The Steven Hick, the founder, and CEO of Southridge Capital has broad experience in the financial industry which has enabled the company to succeed in the industry.


In an interview with Stephen M. Hicks, he stated that the idea for developing Southridge Capital came up after the company he was working for decided to move to Australia. Because he had experience in the industry he saw an opportunity to open his own company to provide the same services to the customers of the company. To see more visit


When he was asked about how he brings ideas into life, he answered by saying that through experience the company is able to know people and companies who need their services. Southridge  also uses technology and other search criteria to identify companies and individuals that may need their financial advice.


When he was asked about the advice that he can give young entrepreneurs, he said believes in fewer deals while focusing on the cash they make you.


When he was asked about the web service or software that enables Southridge Capital to become productive, he said that he only uses online Wall Street Journal OTC markets, and Quotestream to obtain historical and daily information concerning individual companies and markets.

If you need a financial plan or confident advice for dealing with business obstacles, then Southridge Capital is the best advisor for you. For additional info you can visit their facebook page.




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