Alex Pall is a renowned American producer that that has been working with Andrew Taggart and form the duo called Chainsmokers. Alex over the few years he has been in music, he has risen to become an icon in the American music arena. He hit the airwaves pretty hard when they released the track “Closer”. The track was released in collaboration with an American star known as Halsey. The duo has won several awards in the last two years. In the year 2017, Alex Pall and his partner won the favorite electronic dance artist of the year. In 2018, they also won the ASCAP award for the most performed song in the United States.

Alex Pall in prides himself in writing most of his own songs and performing them live in concerts as compared to many other musicians that always rely on background music during their shows. Alex asserts that it’s only possible to have the crowd enjoy the music during a concert if you can sing with them as opposed to relying on a DJ booth to move the crowd.

His way of doing music has seen them bring on board a very personalized genre that sees them as heroes of the electronic dance. By coming up with more unique ways of doing music, Alex and Andrew will continue becoming unique and more celebrated in the American music circles.

Alex and Andrew were recently called in for an interview to share their sentiments about the experience in the music industry for the last couple years. Alex says he met Andrew through a certain production manager when working on one of their previous songs. He says that Andrew has now become a friend and an equal partner in the music production. He also asserts that they have both a cordial and a professional relationship as well.

When asked as to why he choose music over his day job, Alex says that he just felt that the job wasn’t bringing him the joy that he really wished for. On realizing that he was talented, he gave it a shot, and it is history today.

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