Rodrigo is best known for his successful rally car racing career in Brazil. Rodrigo is famous in the racing world. He is affiliated to a car racing team, the Sertoes rally team. He lured his brother (Michael) to quit bike racing and join him in the car racing genre.


The brothers compete in a professional racing platform and both take part in Sertoes rally which is well known around the globe as one of the difficult and the most challenging racing competition. This race includes a double-man team who try to complete the course of varied terrain within the fastest time.


To successfully win the race, it calls for a lot of hard work, concentration, consistency and incredible science with your tea mate. The most recent race, Rodrigo and his brother, Michael, who is his partner and a team mate too, finished the first phase of the competition within a span of two hours. Which was a great achievement for the pair as no one expected a top ten finish for them.


Among their greatest achievement in the racing career was finishing 8th and 3rd places in the prototype class. This was after the pair maintained their cool and kept the pace for the entire race.


The sportsmanship runs in the Terpin’s family. Their father, Jack Terpins was also a sportsman; a baseball player and later a successful entrepreneur. Rodrigo took after his father in terms of sports and attitude. This trait was conspicuous in him since his young age. He too possesses strong business skills.


Just like his father, Rodrigo Terpins is a businessman where he gets his business ideas from being open and sharing with people around him. Upon spotting an idea, he discusses it with his colleagues and together they determine how to have it executed to reach its fruition.


Among the trends Rodrigo finds exiting is the rapidly expanding environmental consciousness awareness that some years before was not fully actualized. He attributes this trend to people realizing the advantage of mantaining a good climate and working towards achieving a positive climate change. This according to Rodrigo has led to an increased demand for products like what he produces. For more details visit



Rodrigo attributes his entrepreneurial success to this behavior of forever craving to stay informed and connected with the world outside. This provokes a continuous learning and brings up new methodologies of executing different business tasks. Leading to better decisions best for him and for his company.



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