For Lori Senecal, the point of creating a better environment for her employees was actually so she could make things easier for all her customers. It was something she did with every company she worked with and it paid off when she was coming up with new options for everyone in the industry. The experiences that allowed her to do more to help people focused on what she wanted to do and how she could make things better for everyone. The time she spent learning about the right way to do business gave her the competitive edge over other people in the industry. No matter how hard she worked, Lori Senecal believed she was making the right choices for the industry. The time she learned how to help people with gave her the experiences she could make different opportunities out of. It was her goal to continue helping people see the things that were going on around her.


Based on the way she did business, Lori Senecal felt she had a chance to do things that would help her. She also felt the company would continue getting better as long as she had the ability to help other people with these issues. Things continued changing and people saw her as someone who knew what to do while she helped other people see things that would keep getting better. It made her feel confident in her skills with the company and that’s what pushed her to continue helping other people. For more details visit Crunchbase.


As long as Lori Senecal knew how to help, she could continue making CP+B the best place possible. It was everything she knew how to do and she felt confident she’d be able to give back to the company no matter what she had to do. Based on her experiences, Lori Senecal felt she had the chance to help people see these opportunities. She also felt things would change the way she did business as long as she was coming up with new opportunities. Lori Senecal liked helping people and saw her experience as a way to give back to others who were a big part of the industry.



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