One of the easiest ways for people to become successful is by being a business owner. This is one of the reasons that Dick DeVos has been the owner of several businesses and franchises. Another reason that he has owned businesses is because of his father. His father has taught him some of the important lessons about running a business. One thing that comes with being a business owner is the freedom that people can enjoy. This is something that is seldom experienced with being an employee. Given that he has had a full career and has a family, he has had the opportunity to teach these skills to his children.


One of the businesses that Dick DeVos has run is Amway. This particular business was started by his father. Therefore, when he has taken over the business, he has taken the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of his father. One thing that he has done was make some necessary changes to the company so that it can function better in the newer market. This was not his first time working with Amway. He has also been a part of Amway in 1974 before becoming the owner. He has learned a lot about research and marketing so that he can continue to bring success to the company and other companies he may own.


To go along with his business, Dick DeVos has also set up a foundation which was meant to fund faith based facilities and some other types of schools that can teach children applicable skills. He is also involved in making changes to the educational system. His involvement in Detroit makes him one of the most well known people in the community, especially when it comes to education. He understands the importance of education in getting ahead and making a career.


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