It must really be hard to deal with the challenges of running a business, as evidenced by the numerous failures and bankruptcies today in various commercial niches.

In the case with businessman Guilherme Paulus, it is his dedication to face the unending challenges of sustaining a business that keep him going. It is his ability to make sure that the hotel empire that he’s building is keeping up with customer demands and is making sure that it offers the best that the customers deserve.

It may also be easy to say here that Guilherme Paulus’ fantastic growth in the hospitality industry in Latin America could be attributed to his years of experience already as an employee. Being an employee hones a person’s drive for a goal and a person’s commitment to bringing out the best ideas for the employer so that one is always competent. Before co-founding the tour operator CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., Paulus was still hustling his way up to the corporate ladder. Fortunately, he met the right people who trusted him with capital, and when he started risking his money and time to start the hotel operator business, history started to unravel itself to Guilherme Paulus’ favor.

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Guilherme Paulus has already been building a name for himself as a fantastic leader when he started to create Latin America’s largest tour operator. When in 2009, the private equity firm Carlyle Group offered to buy 63.6% of his company, he conceded and got a total of $420 million from the deal.

Another highlight of the career of Guilerme Paulus today is when he just recently received the Entrepreneur of The Year Award awarded by the media firm, Money Magazine. The news report is officially confirmed by Istoe Dinheiro as well as in the news portal Mercado and Eventos. There are many reasons why Money magazine recognized the efforts of Mr. Paulus, but one of those would definitely be the fact that he’s helped generate so many jobs in Latin America, as well as bring the tourism sector of Brazil to the topmost international standards today.


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