Talkspace is a renowned website that specializes in providing counsel and chat therapy to the clients. It is categorized to be a health care and consultant for mental health issues and Therapeutics. Talkspace was initially founded in the year 2012. It provides therapies for the way people deal with their everyday life crisis. It is a very affordable platform and charges very less for a session of chat therapy in comparison to any other conventional therapy sessions. They are very strict regarding maintaining confidentiality and are very professional when it comes to keeping client chat confidential. They have licensed therapist who provide therapy sessions to the clients. The best part is you can get a helping hand anywhere in the world. Their mission is to help people suffering metal issues like depression and anxiety and many more and the best part is that an appointment is not required for the sessions.

Michael Phelps, the renowned champion swimmer has recently shaken hands become the partner of Talkspace for a national television program that talks about the awareness and issue regarding mental illness. Michael Phelps is an American successful swimmer who has earned his name by participating in the Olympics and is also won Olympic medal in the year 2012.

Talkspace provides help to all those suffering from mental illness and Michael Phelps wanted to join the act of good cause. He wants people suffering through mental health issues to come forward and seek help rather than bottle up the feelings inside and isolate them. He has joined the board of advisors and helps the company by directing it.

The 33 year old athlete Michael Phelps really appreciates how Talkspace helps millions of people worldwide to open up about their depression and talk about their mental issues that they deal with every day. Phelps himself had gone through a sad time in life in spite of being a renowned athlete and said how therapy helped him immensely. He is even very excited to join the team of Talkspace and being part of an organization that serves such noble cause of relieving people of mental illness

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