Southridge Capital is one of the biggest financial services companies in the Northeastern United States. The company passed its 20-year birthday two years ago; Southridge Capital was founded by a then-young man from upstate New York named Stephen M. Hicks.


Corporations tend to have more money than virtually all human beings. Many of the largest companies make more in one year’s time that the world’s richest people make in their entire lives! As such, executives, managers, owners, directors, and other decision-makers often decide to consult independent financial services firms and other experts that study in the field those corporations feel are most relevant for the time being. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Over 300 companies have rung the phone number of Southridge Capital since its foundation in 1996. Further, Mr. Stephen M. Hicks managed to accumulate almost two billion dollars of total investments just months ago, making the company worth more than ever before. Check out LinkedIn.


Southridge Capital has about 50 employees, though only five people exist on its executive team:


  • Narine Persaud has worked as a Controller and Chief Financial Officer alike at other organizations within the United States before he came to Southridge Capital. He grabbed a bachelor’s and graduate accountancy degree from Concordia University in Canada. He also studied the application of taxes at McGill University, just miles away from Concordia.


  • Laurence J. Ditkoff holds both a Chartered Financial Advisor (CFA) certificate and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, two of the most popular designations that professionals try to put under their professional belts prior to going to work in finance or accounting. Mr. Ditkoff, just like the founder and Persaud, grabbed a bachelor’s and then a graduate degree in business from Pace University; the bachelor’s degree came from the University of Pennsylvania.


  • Henry B. Sargent went to Connecticut College for a bachelor’s in business, followed by a trip to Fordham University for a juris doctorate, then went on to earn a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) before bouncing around the industry, ultimately landing in the hole of Southridge Capital.


  • Linda Carlsen is an integral part of portfolio management, though she typically has a heavier workload of digital marketing responsibilities and administrative functions.


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