International investment banking firm Madison Street Capital will act as the advisor in the merger taking place between The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value. Madison Street was DCG Software Value’s exclusive financial advisor in the deal they struck with the Denver, Colorado headquartered business technology firm The Spitfire Group. The transaction, led by Jay Rodgers, was announced by Madison Street Capital’s CEO Charles Botchway. He did not disclose the terms of the deal. DCG Software Value provides companies worldwide with software estimation services, function point analysis and software value management. Information on the merger is available on


With many years experience working with middle market companies, Madison Street Capital has helped the exceptionally experienced management teams of both Business IT industry companies take advantage of this great opportunity. MSC provided thoughtful insight and powerful analysis and will enable the blended companies to identify more ways to increase the software value of their clients. Madison Street Capital is committed to providing privately and publicly held businesses with valuation services, financial opinions, merger and acquisition expertise and corporate financial advisory services with leadership, excellence and integrity.


Madison Street Capital delivers services that position their clients for success in the global marketplace. They make the goals and objectives of their clients their own in each new project they undertake. The company offers successful capital raises, financial advisory, ownership transfers and M&A transactions. Madison Street Capital sees emerging markets as a key component that drives their clients’ global growth and focuses significant assets on it. The firm has earned the trust of their global clients through their unwavering dedication to meeting the top level of professional standards.


Since its founding in 2005, the Madison Street Capital reputation for excellence in financial services has continued to grow around the world. They have helped countless middle-market companies to identify and take advantage of lucrative opportunities by providing them with unmatched advice and guidance. Madison Street Capital has become an essential part of the operations of many middle market companies and helps them become better able to meet the challenges they face. Madison Street Capital prevents those companies from becoming overwhelmed and enables them to take the correct steps that sets them up for success. MSC helps them find favorable lending during acquisitions and create a sound exit strategy.


Madison Street Capital has offices throughout North America, Asia and Africa and has developed an excellent history and reputation reliability in investment banking. They have established themselves as a financial services industry leader for providing assistance for middle market companies. They have the knowledge, experience and relationships necessary to match the right buyers and sellers and provide the appropriate capitalization structure and financing for their clients.


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