It takes a certain mindset to become an entrepreneur, which is not something that everyone is born with or can develop. Some people start small businesses but if they don’t have the right attitude their company is bound to fail eventually. Beyond having the right personality for entrepreneurship it also takes being in an environment which supports people starting new businesses which is something that some nations do better than others.

The United States has been shown to be the best place to start a new business, scoring 86.2% on the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index. Other top nations are Canada, Denmark, Taiwan, Australia, Switzerland, and Iceland. These nations offer things such as small business tax incentives, small business loans, and governments that encourage citizens to be entrepreneurs.

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People who are entrepreneurs are those who seek to forge their own path in life and make their decisions independently. They are willing to work hard and for long hours in order to see their business thrive. Entrepreneurs chafe if they have to work for a big organization because they can never work independently and on their own initiative. They enjoy taking risks and know that failures are steps along the way to eventual success.

Jose Hawilla of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a good example of an entrepreneur. He started out his professional life as a sports journalist but after taking part in a strike for better working conditions he was fired, something he says was the best thing that could have happened to him. It led him to founding Traffic Group in 1980 which is now the biggest sports marketing company in that nation. His company also sponsors a number of teams and individual athletes. Additionally, his company now owns a number of newspapers in Brazil which came about when he bought three of Rede Globo’s affiliates.

He says that his company started out putting advertisements on the sides of businesses. Soon  Hawilla was putting ads inside of sports stadiums across Brazil. Traffic Group sells the rights to broadcast about 300 soccer matches a year including World Cup qualifiers and other high profile games. For more info you can visit


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