Before Jim Larkin came along, most people didn’t see the union as something that could actually help them. In fact, many people didn’t understand the options they had that would change things for people and that made it hard on people like Jim Larkin to get things for everyone they did business with. No matter what Jim Larkin did, he felt it was important to make sure everyone knew about the union. He also wanted people to see the union was a good thing. It helped them grow and helped protect them no matter the issues they dealt with. Jim Larkin liked giving people the chances they needed to continue growing and continue making things better while they were working for companies that had unions. If companies had the chance to enjoy unions, people received protection. They got what they needed from the things that were happening to the unions.


Between the unions and the people who didn’t want unions, Jim Larkin struggled to get the help he needed. In fact, he had to risk a lot to get the things he wanted. People saw him as someone who knew what he wanted to do and someone who tried giving people the things that were going on. As long as people could help themselves with the unions, they could get things that were going on around them with the unions. It gave them a chance to continue doing things right and getting more from what Jim Larkin offered them.


Jim Larkin tried giving people things that would help them. He also wanted people to see how they could get help from the union. All the unions were different and that made it hard on people who wanted to do things right. For Jim Larkin, things continued getting better. Everyone had a chance to see. Even though things were hard for Jim Larkin, he felt it was worth it. He also felt things would be better if he had a chance to give people the positive experiences that came from offering everything to people who saw things as beneficial to everyone.


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