Entrepreneurs risk losing all their capital because of their ventures. That’s why long-standing entrepreneurs today are strong, independent heroes that have been tested by time and by the challenges of their career to be the best in the line of work that they do. This also means that companies that have been in the business for more than a hundred years indicate a level of success that cannot easily be replicated. Such 100 years of success is what National Steel Car has, and this would not have been possible if it weren’t for the active involvement of Gregory James Aziz.



The James Aziz Career


We can say here that the strong sense of leadership that Greg Aziz has for National Steel Car is what’s giving the company the 100 years of excellence in engineering and manufacturing. The world already knows that National Steel Car is an outstanding tank car manufacturer that’s based in North America, but we could also say here that National Steel Car doesn’t lay rest on its laurels and past achievements. It still pushes for the relentless pursuit of the kind of excellence that provides for the best railroad solutions for the people. See This Page for additional information.



The Awards


It is also little wonder that National Steel Car has been receiving a lot of awards. The deep sense of purpose that the company has in serving the people is best shown in how Gregory James Aziz leads the way. This is why the award that it received – TTX SECO Award – consistently is an indication that not only is Greg Aziz the best, but he’s also shown a consistent record over the years. This is something that’s not that easy to replicate.



Commitment To Excellence


Manufacturing and engineering are not easy tasks to do, especially on a scale that National Steel Car is in. With the reputation of Mr. Aziz in making sure that all elements of the company he’s running are by the books, innovative and dynamic, Greg Aziz ensures the excellence of the company right now is going to be sustainable and won’t be a result of a fluke.


This success also comes from the fact its understanding of its deep sense of purpose and unmatched talent is rooted in its core values. Without such attention, it would be hard for Greg Aziz to arrive at the decisions that it can come up to form what can be deemed as transformative business moves for National Steel Car.


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