When it comes to the music industry, very few people know how to get the job requirements done. The music industry entails a lot and most of the responsibilities include music production, touring among others. However, Clay Houston is known for his musical perfection and offering musician a budget-friendly platform to help ensure their musical dreams come true. Some of the services Clay Houston offers include music production, event management, and music. His company is the one component a majority of musicians cannot do without if they desire to make a name for themselves in the music industry.

The one notable thing about Clay Houston is that he does not shy away from the opportunity of helping artists with their tours. One such artist he assisted is Hasley. Hasleyis a popular pop singer whom people love and her music is an absolute sensation for a majority of people. Her birth name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane but her admirers simply call her Hasley. She was recently on tour with Clay Houston as her tour manager. Her musical journey began with her posting musical videos on social media platforms and it slowly led people to begin paying attention to her music.

Her breakthrough as a commercial artist came about in 2014 when Astralwerks officially signed her. Within the first three years of being signed, she got a top ten hit with the song “Bad Love.” Before doing her own tours, she was once a supporting act when she toured with Kooks and Imagine Dragons. However, she got the opportunity to tour and Clay Houston came to her rescue. Clay Houston has a reputation when it comes to organizing tours for artists. Among the artists, he helped manage their tours include Kelly Clarkson, Prince, and Pink. Learn more: http://www.digico.biz/docs/latest_news/EkFlpVAlpkPbdvCaIx.shtml

Clay Houston may have had several challenges but the experience he has built for himself enable him to be perfect at what he does. The creation of his company may be a tall tale of success; however, it was not a smooth sail when starting the company. According to Clay Houston, he once had a contract that caused him strain both mentally and financially, but he managed to pull through. The one common thing about Hasley and Clay is the constant use of social media. Hasley uses social media as a platform to advertise her music while Clay uses it for business purposes. However, how he managed Hasley’s tour made it a memorable one.

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