An American DJ and production team, The Chainsmokers consist of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The pair make a breakthrough in the musical scene with their 2014 single, “Selfie” that went to the top of the charts in more than a couple countries. When they released their starter EP, Bouquet in 2015, it featured the hit single “Roses”. From this point on, their singles went on to keep climbing the charts. During the 59th awards ceremony for the Grammy’s, their “Don’t Let Me Down” single topped the charts.

At first, The Chainsmokers consisted of Pall and the former DJ, Rhett Bixler. The Chainsmokers then decided to reform as the EDM DJ pair in 2012 with the direction of Adam Alpert. Pall had grown up in the music industry as a DJ was then introduced to Taggart, It was this time of attending school for Syracuse University where he was serving as an intern for Interscope Records right before they met.

While he was attending school, Taggart had taken a keen interest in DJing. He was then interested in releasing some of his original songs for the SoundCloud website. It was during this time that Taggart was approached by someone who was working for Alpert that had an opening in the Chainsmokers band when the original member, Bixler left. That is when Taggart was prompted to leave in order to pick up and move to the big apple within New York City.

When the Chainsmokers started out, they began first and foremost with creating remixes from various Indie Bands. It was during their success in 2012 when they ended up collaborating with Indie artist and actress Priyanka Chopra with the single “Erase” which then went on to be followed up by the “Rookie” during 2013.

While in a October 2016 interview, the men were asked by Nick Watt during an ABC New Nightline report, the pair were asked about the name of their band and they both looked to each other and opened up about the name coming from habits they had formed.

What started out as performing for others as an opening act has since changed to them leading their way to the top of the charts.

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