Ronald Fowlkes has been at the forefront of Eagle Industries entry into a new area of high level, high quality battle gears. This in large part is because it is a major part of his military experience. As a result of his extensive military career, he leads the company in the sale of its law enforcement products as well as a number of other commercial products. In this capacity, he is tasked with the responsibility of getting in touch with and looking for new customers for the company’s products nationally, as well educating more than 150 sales personnel, about the different products the company is offering.


Ronald is very well known in the law enforcement community. For over six years, he had the opportunity and pleasure to work with the marine forces. During this time, the future businessman decided to become a role model for the other people in the society. Ronald has worked as a SWAT instructor and has been certified in that area as well. In this position, he has managed to prepare numerous teams for barricades, hostage situations and a number of warfare techniques that should be embraced by people who maintain law and order in urban areas. His services have helped and are appreciated by a great many people, especially those who want to work in various areas of law enforcement.


Ronald always knew that he wanted to venture into law enforcement when he was growing up. This passion has played a great role in making Ronald who he is at the moment. While in college, he acquired numerous skills that have assisted him in his career. Apart from being passionate about this field, Ronald wanted to help the people around him. In part, he did this by serving in law enforcement for over 13 years. After serving in that complex sector, Ronald realized that the people working in this area wanted to be supported. He took the opportunity of giving these people the products they needed so that they can accomplish their work. At first, things were difficult, but Ronald did not give up. After a long struggle, the company become very successful. Ronald has found his name in the headlines relatively recently. The former marine has done a great deal for the law enforcement community as a whole. He has become known as one of the most influential investors in this area. Overall, we can say Ronald Fowlkes is a man who has helped revolutionize the defense and law enforcement industries.

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