Ara Chackerian is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. The company concentrates on health care startups and has experience establishing health care companies that includes PipelineRX, BMC Diagnostic, Embion/Provider Links And TMS Health Solutions. He serves as a board member for Mint Medical Care, PipelineRX and TMS Health Solutions.

Over two years ago ASC Capital Holdings partnered with TMS Health Solutions when they recognized that TMS had the possibility of helping thousands of people with treatment resistant clinical depression who haven’t responded well to antidepressants. The treatment utilizes transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS therapy, uses a device which sends short, intense magnetic impulses to the brain and this creates changes in the activity of neurons. Combined with the traditional treatments of psychotherapy and medication 50% to 60% of patients experience positive results.

Chackerian sees digital health care and telemedicine as emerging trends that he is observing closely since he perceives these will bring a great benefit to patients and will improve physicians’ ability to treat patients more effectively.

Youth development and education is of particular interest to him. He sits on the Board of Nor Luyce, a program that assists and mentors young women who have been orphaned to help them transition into adults. Nor Luyce has efforts in the United States, Nicaragua and Armenia where Ara’s grandparents emigrated from.

His environmental interests have influenced him to invest in Limonapa Teak, a 1,000 acre farm in Nicaragua that produces world-class, sustainable teak in an environmentally friendly way that prevents deforestation while providing hundreds of jobs for the local community. Before the purchase of the land the farm is located on it was used by small farmers for cattle grazing that is devastating to forested land and contributes to global climate change. Limonapa Teak is able to provide work for these farmers, which reduces the cattle farming in that area. You can check out YouTube to see more videos.

Ara Chackerian received a Bachelor of Science in marketing from Florida State University. Visit their website


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