Securus Technologies is the industry leader when it comes to an array of different products and services utilized by correctional facilities in North America. Among these solutions is what is known as the Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System.


The Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System is designed to address a major issue at correctional institutions. In this day and age, an alarming number of illegal mobile phones are brought into correctional facilities. This includes prisons, other types of correctional institutions, and jails. No type of institution appears to be immune from the illegal introduction of mobile devices into the inmate population.


The story of Robert Johnson, a correctional officer in the state of Florida, helps to underscore the seriousness of mobile phones in the hands of inmates. Johnson had been a correctional officer for a number of years when he discovered a box of contraband intended for introduction into the institution where he was employed.


Because of Johnson’s efforts, the contraband never made it into the institution. In the end, that interdiction by Johnson did not sit well with the inmate who had arranged to have the contraband brought into the facility. The inmate decided to seek revenge.


The inmate had an illegal cell phone in his possession. He was able to use the cell phone to communicate with members of his gang in the outside world.


Using his illegal cell phone, the inmate made arrangements to have Johnson murdered. He issued commands to his fellow gang member and the gang member carried out the directives.


One morning while Johnson was preparing to go to work, he heard a crashing sound. He immediately realized someone had broken down his front door. In a beat, the gang member recruited by the inmate opened fire on Johnson. The correctional officer nearly died as a result.


In the aftermath of the attempt on his life, and learning how the situation was set up with an illegal cell phone, Johnson became a leading advocate to take firm action to keep illegal cell phones out of correctional institutions. He has taken to the lecture circuit, among other things, to tell his tale and warn people of the seriousness of illegal cell phones in correctional institutions.


Securus Technologies underscores the significant problem of mobile devices in prisons, correctional facilities, and jails. Over the course of a year, Securus Technologies reports that it intercepted over 1.7 million illegal communications involving inmates. The 1.7 illicit inmate communications occurred in only eight correctional facilities in the United States. This data truly underscores how serious the issue of inmates with illegal phones is in the United States and Canada. The Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System is designed to address this serious threat to institutional security and public safety head on.


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