For four years Daniel Taub was the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. His tenure in this position ran from 2011 to 2015. He had a number of successes while serving in this position, especially economically. During his posting trade between the two nations doubled, for example. More than 300 Israeli businesses also established themselves in the U.K. The two countries also deepened their ties in regards to cultural and academic links.

For Daniel Taub, serving as the ambassador was like coming home, given he was born in the U.K. While he was ambassador he met the Queen a number of times, with the first such meeting including him offering her his credentials. Once he concluded his ambassadorship, though, he moved back to the nation of Israel.

Over the course of his professional career, Daniel Taub has also been an international lawyer and author. He now works for the Yad Hanadiv Foundation as one their directors. His role at this organization is to create the strategy and planning that they follow.

It was Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School in the United Kingdom that was Daniel Taub’s secondary school. After graduating he earned his college education at a number of distinguished universities. This included University College in London, University College in Oxford, and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

At the farewell party that was held when Taub left his position as an ambassador, many of the guests said that they were sorry to see him go. He was able to bring the two nations closer together, which was especially recognized by those in the Jewish community of the U.K. Most people have said that he was the most successful Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom since Shlomo Argov served in this position until 1982.

Taub has noted that he was often asked while serving as an ambassador how he set aside his own perspective and instead adopt the beliefs of the nation he was serving, Israel. This question is often asked of ambassadors. He said this simply wasn’t an issue for him as his views and his government’s views were in very close alignment. He represented the people and government of Israeli by making people in the United Kingdom understand what they’re all about.


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