Betsy DeVos is an American businesswoman who is well known for her charitable giving and interest in education. She now serves as the 11th Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. She is an active member of the Republican Party who she has supported for many years. DeVos was the Republican National Chairwoman from 1992-1997 and a chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party from 1996-2000. She has been a prominient supporter of the Detroit Charter school system where she was the Chairwoman for board of the Alliance for School Choice and Action Institute, as well as the All Children Matter PAC.


DeVos has long been recognized for her generosity and advocacy for the education system. She is married to Dick DeVos who was the former CEO of Amway. Together, they have founded several organizations which generously support such places as hospitals, clinics and clean energy. Betsy DeVos is the chairwoman of the Wind quest Group, a private company she started with her husband in 1989. The Wind quest Group invests capital into technology innovations, manufacturing and clean energy.


Mrs. DeVos is also a chief investor in and board member of Neurocore, a group of facilities that does research on the use of biofeedback therapy for people who are anxious, depressed or suffering from attention deficit disorder.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was formed in 1989 and it has been dedicated areas of focus: Education, Community, Arts, Justice and Leadership. The Foundation strives to provide financial and emotional support for people of all ages and socio-economic areas. The Family Foundation contributed $11.6 million dollars to various charities in 2015. This brought the lifetime total of the DeVos to #139 million dollars. Forbes ranked the DeVos #24 in the 2015 America’s List of Top Givers.


A huge fan of the arts, DeVos has produced a Broadway play-“The Life and Trials of Aimee McPherson.” This onstage play was based on the life of the famous evangelist with lyrics and book written by Kathie Lee Gifford. Ms. DeVos also was appointed by George W. Bush to the board of Directors of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in 2004 and she served until 2010.


Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the current Secretary of Education in January 2017. She has already done much to bring new life to the educational thinking for our school systems. While she is a strong supporter of free choice and the private schools-she has made gains in the recognition of more funds for community colleges and increasing attention to federal financial aid for students.


The name Betsy DeVos is among the leaders in politics and education of our country. She promises to bring real change to our Education system as she leads by the example of her life and giving to others.


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