According to the article on, the United States’ epicenter surging real estate markets crisis is shifting to NJ, hence threatening the housing rebound in one of the areas that are densely populated in the nation. New Jersey (NJ) has bettered most states because it has the highest residential mortgage rates and shares which are in foreclosure plus are extremely delinquent.

Consequently, the real estate markets that are in NJ are trailing the country significantly. But, according to the Wall Street Journal, the dropping delinquency, as well as foreclosure rates, gives a picture of the important impacts of the harsh post-crisis events, plus the bettered basics like the gains of home prices, higher rates of employment, and formation of households. In the future, it’s expected that the positive trends will go on as the industry continues shifting its focus in determining as well as resolving shortages plus the impending affordability crisis as well as the markets growing numbers.

According to the Lawrence Yun, who works for National Association of Realtors as a Realtor Chief Economist, the shortages seen in housing are expected to escalate and could become a housing crisis if there’s a widening gap between the demands of housing and housing supplies. Given the homes deficiency for sales and auctions as well as the fast pace of selling homes that are newly built, the falling housing and the housing permits are still muddled. Which therefore means that inventory bottleneck is unclogging and is resulting in thousands of new properties that are hitting the market, having the urgency of selling before any other person does, and then things in NJ might easily turn from bad to being worse.

Economists are pessimistic the drop might easily escalate in the upcoming months as the permits of the building dropped in may this year. The housing cost for consumers is rapidly moving up, that is, the higher rental rates and the higher home prices. Also, the mortgage rates remain low, making the mortgage credits to be more available, hence easing the growth of housing in NJ.

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