It takes a great mind to think, and a genius to create. Although Marc Sparks was never a brilliant student in school, he has been able to emerge as a successful serial entrepreneur, building business after business. With over thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur, Marc Spark has developed countless start-ups from the ground up, some of which have gone a long way to benefit the world. Over time, Marc’s genius has enabled him to amass a fortune of wealth amounting to millions of dollars, something that has always made Sparks grateful to God.


As a man who has always been able to see and think outside the box, Sparks has thrived mainly by adopting ideas that many people consider to be impossible to achieve and created something worth envy. Through the years, Marc Sparks has been able to retain several companies including the Timber Creek Capital. To guarantee success, Marc always ensures that all his employees adhere to a particular set of patterns. When it comes to resolving corporate issues, Marc is ever ready to get his hands dirty and handle any pending business in the presence or absence of his employees.


With Sparks being a religious man, he has found a way of sharing his life’s story through writing. In his book, ‘They Can’t Eat You,’ Marc Sparks shows the world all his struggles before he achieved success, and how he was able to overcome them. One common theme that comes out from Marc’s writing is his ability to take risks amidst all the losses he had made earlier on in life. Marc believes that if it were not for his decision to risk it all in life, he would not be the man he is today.


Mistakes have built Marc’s life in equal measure, and that is why he has been in a position of leading many companies in his short lifespan. Other qualities that Sparks possesses apart from being fearless include tenacity, passion, faith, the savvy of monetization, and focus. While working with and around other people, Marc Sparks has always treated anyone, and everyone with dignity and respect and that is why a vast majority of his employees adore him. Unlike other employers, Marc Sparks never exploits his workers in any way. Learn more:


In spite of his successes, Marc Sparks has remained humble in all ways. To this end, he has always had the heart to uplift individuals from poor backgrounds. Instead of giving out handouts, Marc derives his passion in helping people from low-income families reach a point in life where they can financially support themselves and their families. With his primary emphasis being on helping the homeless, Sparks has restored a new sense of hope in people who previously had no reason to live.



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