Kim Dao plays with the dog. She eats breakfast. She took a few days off because she needed a break. She will be flying to Amsterdam with her cousin. She is excited to site see around Amsterdam. She will be leaving Denmark in 2 hours. She packs her things. Kim Dao gets a strawberry cake. She has made it to the airport. Kim Dao and her cousin is now on the plane after an hour. Learn more:


Kim Dao is waiting to take photos by the Amsterdam sign. It is a nice day. They check into hotel room. They explore Amsterdam. They go to Primark to look for items for Pride, which is tomorrow. Kim Dao tries on clothes. She purchased some things. They grab a snack.


Kim Dao is back in the hotel. She shows the things she purchased while she was out exploring Amsterdam. She might go back tomorrow. They site see again. They head to Ann Frank’s house but it is a long line. They enjoy some entertainment while they wait. They have just finished seeing Ann Frank’s house. Kim Dao couldn’t film inside. They get some Thai food. They enjoy a night party.


It is the next day. The pride event happens. Kim Dao tries on hoodies because she needs warmer clothing. She is in the hotel and shows the things she purchased. She plans on going to the museum and do more site seeing. She goes out to dinner and dessert.

The next day and they are out doing more exploring. They get some food. They have pizza later. Kim Dao plays a game on the phone. Kim Dao enjoyed Amsterdam.


The video here

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