Arthur Becker has a real estate office in Tribeca, which is also an art studio complete with a workshop containing paintings and sculptures he has created. In a report by NY Curbed, his office is just a few meters away from his first ever ground-up development on his own at the 465 Washington Street. The development, a luxury condo comprised of eight units is expected to be sold for $52.5 million.

Arthur Becker’s Business Interests

Becker, a former stockbroker, built his wealth by buying a number of tech companies before shifting his focus to the real estate sector in Florida and New York. He has been involved in a number of real estate projects and has recently swapped his stake in a project in exchange for three Sullivan Street townhouses that are adjacent to each other. His business interests are vast and include tech, finance, art and real estate. He seems to be more inclined to delving deeper in the real estate business. He stated that he was lucky as he entered the real estate market at the right time. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

Other Interests

According to Huffingtonpost, Arthur Becker has tried a number of businesses including selling special binoculars known as Bnox. He also collects old currencies from African states like Cameroon and Nigeria. He has reproduced a sculpture using these old currencies. He also owns a number of pieces made from paper money, which resemble origami animals or Jenga pieces. Other items of interest on the desk of Arthur Becker include a Magic 8 ball, cookies, brick sample, paperweights, his daughters’ photo and a NaviSite notepad.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker graduated from the Bennington College in 1969 with a BA – Fine Arts degree. He attended the Amos Tuck (Dartmouth) business school before he started moving ancient houses in New England. He also became the CEO in two tech companies. In late 1990s, he went back to his photographic work and had the intention of creating photographic images with some texture as well as visual artifact that is only found in paintings. He is currently focusing a lot on currency in an attempt to explore the meaning and relationship that people attribute to money. He focuses on contemporary idolatry.

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